After Sales - Amphibious RC Car Big 1/8 Water Monster Vehicle Parts, Electronics & Accessories

After Sales - Amphibious RC Car Big 1/8 Water Monster Vehicle Parts, Electronics & Accessories

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Shea
Get up and Go!

Great RC car! My 6year old & 8year old grandsons love these cars! Especially happy they can go thru water… not submerged but puddles and over rocks in a creek!

David Smith

We have sooo many geese around our ponds in our SC community that their droppings & feathers are everywhere. Trying to shoo them away by running, banging pans, & clapping hands is a tiring job.
Sending my R/C 4 Wheel Drive vehicle after them is the perfect alternative. Without having to run the over they are very afraid of the vehicle coming towards them & they head for the water or sky. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Virginia Will
Super cool

Grandkids loved it!!!!! Especially on the water. Glad I bought 2 so both boys could have fun together.

Robert Bevans
Hey, total of 1 inch in length for wire would be great. Thank you Me

Hi there it could be greatly improved. If you lengthen the wire in the car that goes to the battery it is extremely difficult to reach and disconnect and reconnect. Also, I know it would be more expensive, but it would be greatly improved if you had a variable rheostat on it, so you had unlimited speeds instead of just one speed going to stop

Quality RC Truck- Fun for everyone!

Overall, I think this is a solid RC truck and good value.
First, yes, the truck is fairly large. It's probably best suited for outdoor environments unless you have a large indoor space. I thought it was fast for its size, and handled well. I have tested the truck on various terrain: pavement, tall grass, gravel, and wet areas. I can confirm that it is indeed amphibious! I drove the truck along the shallow edges of my pond, and didn't have any issues. In deeper waters, the truck seems somewhat buoyant, but just know that it's not going to handle like a boat. It does best in shallow water areas. I'd say it's very waterproof based on my tests.